Roger Williams and the “Refused to Learn the Local Language” Meme

John Kutensky

To start, this is the meme I’ll be discussing.

Undocumented Immigrants Meme

The point of the meme is obvious.  It’s intended to mock the conservative dislike of undocumented immigrants entering the country and receiving benefits by pointing out that the earliest English colonists came without any permission from the native inhabitants of the land and would have starved to death without their assistance.  I agree with the general thrust of the meme entirely.  I want to be 100% clear on that.  Unfortunately, this is possibly the single worst painting that could be used for this meme.

You might recognize the painting as the below, Roger Williams Being Received by the Indians, 1635, by Alonzo Chappel.

Roger Williams PaintingRoger Williams is, to put it succinctly, a man with a morality beyond that of the present day who inexplicably found himself in the 17th century.

Let’s start with the first line of the meme: “Undocumented Immigrants Refuse…

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Brilliance and color

Keith Snyder

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At Make-In-India Show, Mangalyaan is a Star

At Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make-In-India” event, the success of Mangalyaan, or Mars mission, was held up as an example of the country’s potential.

“Nobody can question the talent of our people, especially after yesterday’s Mars mission. The parts of the Mangalyaan were made in small factories in India. it proves there is no death of talent,” PM Modi said, a day after he witnessed Mangalyaan successfully enter the orbit of Mars.

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani had earlier said Mangalyaan had shown what India can achieve. “India’s Mars mission cost less than Rs. 7 per km, which is less than the cost of travel by an auto in major Indian cities,” he said.

On Wednesday, PM Modi had also marveled that the mission cost less than a Hollywood movie.

ICICI bank chief Chanda Kocchar also referenced Mangalyaan. “Today, with a lot of pride we can all stand here and claim that it is India’s indigenous technology on Mars. This was achieved in just $74 million,” she said.

Mangalyaan is the cheapest inter-planetary mission ever. At Rs. 450 crore, it costs just about Rs. 4 per person in India.

Online jobs can be the best options for Part time jobs – eJobsjunction

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Work from home seems to be the best option for those who cannot leave their house for various family issues. This is the best option for the housewives who need to look after their family well. It is also…

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Increasing demand of part time jobs – eJobsJunction

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Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon

Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon

On September 28, 2014 Broncos Support Services (BSS) will be hosting the 2nd Gurgaon Half Marathon. The Half marathon will start at Leisure Valley Park, in Sec 29 Gurgaon at 6 am. The 2nd Gurgaon Half Marathon is expected to attract more than 1000 conditioned athletes, runners and walkers as well as 10,000 participants from around the City. Comparable events in neighbouring Airtel Delhi Half Marathon had over 32000 participants. We expect many athletes will participate as this is a unique and appealing annual event. As of last year we had 4500 to 5000 participants. Additional running and walking events are provided for the whole family including a Half Marathon, kid’s incremental marathon 5k race and Fun Run of 7K. Considering the Corporate presence in Gurgaon, this event will encourage better life style and social responsibilities by engaging with different NGO’s associated with Gurgaon Half Marathon 2014. A marathon is a lifetime achievement and we are excited to bring this Half Marathon to Gurgaon and anticipate an increasing number of athletes andparticipants will look forward to returning annually.Store

Who we are…!!
BSS (Broncos Support Services) provides services following Domains.
In IT infrastructure Support
Medical Tourism
Running Events

Our Mission
Our mission is to create a world class Marathon which will bring Identity to Growing City Gurgaon and will also encourage social awareness.
To give a platform to NGO’s working in different domains to raise awareness and funds for charity.