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Online jobs can be the best options for Part time jobs – eJobsjunction

Why online job can be best option for part time jobs is explained by ejobsjunction

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For those who are looking for some better way to earn few more bucks, online jobs is the best option available. People generally look for a permanent job with good salary that will help them to make a proper living. For adding some more money it is always better to go and look for some Part time jobs. With great advancement in technical field, people can now easily join any of the reputed online companies and work for them and get a handsome amount at the end of the month. Though you need to be careful in this regard, but with proper research one can end up with some positive result.
Work from home seems to be the best option for those who cannot leave their house for various family issues. This is the best option for the housewives who need to look after their family well. It is also…

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Beximco to bring DTH Services to the Common Households of Bangladesh

Beximco, a corporate venture which has revived the industrial sector in a country like Bangladesh, which is still categorized as a developing country, has yet again undertaken a new venture. The giant business venture has been granted the license to launch DTH services in the country, essentially to make a foray into providing an experience of high-definition TV viewing for its citizens. Beximco Group is the largest business venture in Bangladesh, spearheaded by the iconic Salman F Rahman. The company, with the backing of Rahman’s expertise evolved to become the country’s largest private conglomerate from a mere trading company.

The company stands on the pillar of its mission to “taking Bangladesh to the world”. Abiding by its mission, the company has multiplied in terms of its venture in textiles, marine food, pharmaceuticals, information and communication technology, ceramics, financial services and more. The company’s products are a brand in the country and meet international standards in terms of their quality. It houses more than 48,000 employees with recorded total revenue of around $ 834 million in the year 2010.

The company reached yet another milestone by signing the shareholder agreement with the General Satellite to launch the country’s first ever DTH operator. The agreement for the joint venture between the two companies licensed for providing DTH services in the country was signed by the Director of Foreign Broadcasting Projects Department, S.L. Dolgopolsky. The motive of this multi-million corporate company behind this joint venture is to enable its countrymen experience the splendor of high quality and high-definition TV viewing. The new quality TV viewing will match the quality picture displayed by the range of digital technologies like TATA Sky, who have already made it big in other Asian countries.

Besides class-TV viewing, Beximco is driven by its philanthropic mission to enable access to TV in the regions with considerably minimal reach of cable TV and terrestrial TV. This is another leap that the company has made to stride its countrymen towards the path of growth and success. This achievement has been prominently acknowledged by both the common natives as well as the government authority of the country. With this service, the general public have easy access to popular channels aired across the world and stay in touch with the world’s most happening and breaking news. The service will contribute significantly to improve people’s quality of life through entertainment and infotainment. The quality of the picture and multiple features to be offered in this service will make TV viewing experience delightful for the natives of the country.

Researchers develop new optical device, could help build faster computers

Here comes an optical device that may lead to new and more powerful computers that run faster and cooler. Researchers at Washington University in St Louis have developed an essential component of new computers that would run on light.

“We believe that our discovery would benefit many other fields involving electronics, acoustics, plasmonics and meta-materials,” said Lan Yang, an associate professor of electrical and systems engineering at Washington University.

The team created an optical diode by coupling tiny doughnut-shaped optical resonators – one with gain and the other with loss – on a silicon chip.

This diode is capable of completely eliminating light transmission in one direction and greatly enhancing light transmission in the other nonreciprocal light transmission, explained lead author Bo Peng from Yang’s team.

“Coupling of so-called loss and gain devices using PT (parity-time)-symmetry could enable such advances as cloaking devices, stronger lasers that need less input power, and perhaps detectors that could ‘see’ a single atom,” Yang added.

To make the optical diode, the researchers used two micro-resonators positioned so that light can flow from one to the other.  One device is the “lossy” silica resonator. The other incorporates the chemical element erbium into the silica structure for gain.

When the rate of gain in one resonator exactly equals that of loss in the other, the “phase transition” occurs at a critical coupling distance between the resonators.

Simply put, when a “lossy” system is coupled with a “gain” system such that loss of energy exactly equals gain at an equilibrium point, a “phase transition” occurs.

“Our resonators are small enough to use in computers and future optical information processors,” Peng noted.

According to Yang, we built our optical diodes from silica which has very little material loss at the telecommunication wavelength. The concept can be extended to resonators made from other materials for better performances.

The PT symmetry concept can be extended to electronics, acoustics and other fields to create one-way channels, and photonic devices with advanced functionalities, said the paper, published in the journal Nature Physics.