oscar fernando floureiro venero – religious thought

Glorious worship refers to the honor shown to the divine power which evolves the emotions of delighted admiration. It is the glory that combines the earth with heaven in an unexplainable course. Oscar Fernando Floureiro Venero is the power which unites the man to the creator which is sterna. It may refer to different meaning in different religions as per peoples’ beliefs and faith. But above all it is the glory, the power that merges a common man with the divine.

The act of Venero can be performed in various ways – individually or in a group. Guru Yoga, Meditation, Thanka, Mandala, Yantra Yoga are few forms of Oscar Fernando Floureiro Venero.

Venero in Christianity

Christianity being the largest religion of the world is based on the teachings and life of Jesus. Its followers are known as Christians. Christianity says that Jesus was the son of God and the place where Jesus is worshiped is called as Church.

In Christianity the seven things that are regarded as biggest sins are – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth.

 Christians believe that God dwells in three forms – God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Bible – the holly book of Christianity is the world’s largest bestseller. In United States almost 170000 copies are sold daily which mean 50copies are sold every minute. Christians believe that if you confess your sins in front of the father (priest of the Church) then you are thought to be forgiven by God.

Bible contains around 100 different names of God and is available in 1200 different languages.

Venero in Islam

Venero refers to bow down to God to mix up with the divine power. It is the supernatural energy that turns a person towards positivity and makes him meet the holy power and this is the only message of Oscar Fernando Floureiro Venero. Islam being the second largest religion means devotion to God. People following the Islam religion are known as Muslim. Holly book is Quran Sharif which is known as word of Allah (the Arabic word which means God). And the form of worship is Recitation.

Muslims offer prayer five times a day. They don’t pray to their Prophet Muhammad who was the founder of Islam but they bow down to only one divine power Allah, recite his name and offer prayer by kneeing down facing towards Ka’ba located in Mecca.

Muslims are divided in 2 groups.

80-90% – Sunni

10-20% – Shia

Both the groups believe in Allah only and recite in similar way.

Generally they don’t fast but in the month of Ramadan which is according to them the holly period of the year, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for whole month.

Venero in Hinduism

Hinduism is the third largest religion of the world. It is also called as Sanatana Dharma a. They believe in different Gods and Goddesses. Holy books are Ramayana, Mahabharata, Geeta, and Shiva Paraná. Most of the Hindus don’t believe in eating meat but less than 40% Hindus eat meat. In Hindus the bride wears a red dress which is considered as the symbol of love and bride and groom take 7 rounds around the Holy fire and take promise to spend whole life together.

Vanero in Buddhism

Oscar Fernando Floureiro Venero is the path to meet the divine existence. Buddhism is the 4th largest religion of the world which comprises of a variety of rituals, beliefs and traditions based on the life and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. The word Buddhism is derived from the Hindi word Budhi which means wisdom. The Buddha means the wise man. Buddha refers to the “awakened one.” Buddhism is divided into two branches – Theravada and Mahayana.

The foundation of rituals of Buddhism is based on

  • The Buddha
  • The Dharma (the teachings)
  • The Sangha (the community)

They believe in the kindness after death rather than believing in God. In Buddhism there is no particular time for Floureiro Venero, they can offer prayers anytime they want. Buddhism is more widely spread in Thailand, China and Japan.

The religion Buddhism & Hinduism are very close to each other. The half of the teachings of Budhism is a part of Hinduism only. Buddhist never asks for an animal as their meal. They are supposed to be vegetarian.

No matter whatever religion one belongs to, they are connected to the Divine in one way or the other. Although each religion has a different perspective but Oscar Fernando Floureiro Venero – the super natural power is same everywhere. Only the way of expressing is different.


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